Monday, October 24, 2011


So yesterday afternoon my computer decided it wanted to crap out on me. You know how they warn you that if you don't shut down Windows properly bad things can happen. Well bad things happened that prevented me from shutting down properly which led to more bad things happening. Log story short I had to format my PC and reinstall everything. I decided to go with a fresh download of WoW and it just so happens to be about half the size of my old WoW folder. Makes me wonder what kind of junk the old one had.

I'll be good to raid this week but it will take some time to get my PC back to the way it was. Even then who knows how long it will take to get my Windows settings back to the perfect way I had it before.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introduction To Myself

Since I'm new to this who WoW blogging thing I'd figure I'd give you all an introduction on myself as well as my credentials when it comes to warlocks.  Specifically warlocks when it comes to raiding in a 10 man environment.

I first started playing WoW near the start of TBC but didn't really do much raiding.  I was still new and spent at least two-thirds of the expansion leveling and figuring stuff out.  Near the end of TBC I started to get into raiding clearing T4 and most of T5.  I even managed to get myself an original ZA bear mount back in the day which I was pretty proud of.

Come WotLK I tried raiding with a 25 man guild that easily cleared T7 but had trouble with doing any kind of additional drakes on Sartharion.  I was in that predicament that a lot of players find themselves in where they feel like they are the only decently skilled player in the group.  I decided things needed to change.  Specifically two things.  1.  No more 25 man I was going 10 man.  2.  I wanted progression.  Shortly after I applied to my current guild Vortex on Turalyon US.  Through them I have been able to play at the level I know I'm capable of.  We cleared Yogg+0 in Ulduar, Tribute to Insanity in ToC and then came ICC.

By the time ICC came about the were a distinct group of players that raided using a 10 man strict rule set.  The basis of this rule set  was that no 25 man gear could be used from the current tier and no hardmode gear could be used from the previous tier.  This made 10 man raiding really quite challenging in ICC (but that is another story for another post).  By the end of the expac we had managed to complete a World 2nd, US 1st heroic kill for the Lich King under those rules.

In Cata we went 9/13 HM in T11 (again for the story on Blizzard and raid balance) and are currently 6/7 HM in Firelands with progression on Heroic Rag.  Hopefully more news on that to come.

In regards to my class I am very elitist about my playstyle and will be throwing a ton of math everywhere.  There will be whining and complaining but I hope I will also bring some different ideas the warlock playerbase.  I have lots of ideas for this blog so I hope you guys will follow along with me.