Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I killed Spine YAAAAY!!!!!

So I finally got in for a H Spine kill. Praise the Sun. Now for the QQ. This boss has a history of dropping the Gloves of Liquid Smoke for us. To the point of everyone in our guild and their mom's sister's bestfriend's cousin's daughter has a pair. So we weren't surprised when a Heroic pair dropped on the guild's first kill (I wasn't there). Again the next week they drop on Heroic again (again I was sat). Last week I don't remember but I bet they dropped. I finally got in tonight gloves. If you weren't aware my loot luck is abysmal. For example Hagara has 3-5 BiS items for me on her loot table. I say 3-5 because of the random boss drops. It wasn't until last week that I actually saw a piece of gear with +int on it drop. I have also been sat for not one but two Heroic Cunning of the Cruels from her. Where did they go? Mage and Boomkin.

This has been a problem for me for awhile. Infact up until about a month ago I was using the same trinkets that I was using the first week of patch 4.2. Up until that point I had used a total of 4 trinkets over the course of Cata. That includes the Mirror of Broken images.

Well that's my QQ on my terrible loot luck. Cya next time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

H Spine Dead

Last week we killed H Spine. It was an amazing fight that ended in the best way possible. The Blood of Deathwing didn't disappear of the people parachuting down. It exploded. Everyone died except for a shaman who didn't have their cinematics disabled. As fun as it was I was not in for the kill. GG Blizz what happened to bring the player not the class. I guess that doesn't really apply when you only have 20 sec to hit something and a class that needs up to half of that to set anything up.

So now I wait for more nerfs so that the guild can carry my terrible warlock but through this fight. Sigh. At least I'm useful on H Madness. Right?