Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurray 5.0.4

This patch is great. I'm finally useful on H Spine. Destro is really boring though. Glad to see Affliction top again. Not much more to say. Spec guides soon? Maybe.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cata is Boring

So yea Cata is boring. Been playing my fair share of the MoP beta. You know learning the specs and such. Hoping addons will become available soon so I can start hardcore practicing. In other news the last few version of xsplit hate my CPU so I'm trying to find a fix.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Server First

As a quick follow up to what I'm up to I'm planning to go for at minimum server first lvl 90 Warlock in MoP. If I get server first lvl 90 in the process so be it. While MoP is still a ways away I'm already in the planning stages for this. To start I copied my lock 5 times onto the beta and I plan to copy more when/if they become available. Right now I'm just doing the quests as each spec to get a feel for them and find ones that will be trip ups and to find the fastest spec. My current plans are to hold my other 2 copies for shortly before (~1month) MoP launches. These 2 will be used for straight 85-90 practice runs to see how fast I can do it.

Later plans will include flipping my sleep schedule to be awake a night and doing a bit of research into foods that I can prepare in advance that will give me energy.

I also plan to stream it when it happens so that should be fun.

We Killed Madness...2 Weeks Ago

It has been forever since I posted but in short we killed H Madness a few weeks ago. I got into the MoP beta so I've been playing that. Right now I'm working on my bucket list for Cata. This is pretty much achieves, pets, mounts, gold sinks, and stuff like that including stuff from Wrath I don't have yet.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I killed Spine YAAAAY!!!!!

So I finally got in for a H Spine kill. Praise the Sun. Now for the QQ. This boss has a history of dropping the Gloves of Liquid Smoke for us. To the point of everyone in our guild and their mom's sister's bestfriend's cousin's daughter has a pair. So we weren't surprised when a Heroic pair dropped on the guild's first kill (I wasn't there). Again the next week they drop on Heroic again (again I was sat). Last week I don't remember but I bet they dropped. I finally got in tonight gloves. If you weren't aware my loot luck is abysmal. For example Hagara has 3-5 BiS items for me on her loot table. I say 3-5 because of the random boss drops. It wasn't until last week that I actually saw a piece of gear with +int on it drop. I have also been sat for not one but two Heroic Cunning of the Cruels from her. Where did they go? Mage and Boomkin.

This has been a problem for me for awhile. Infact up until about a month ago I was using the same trinkets that I was using the first week of patch 4.2. Up until that point I had used a total of 4 trinkets over the course of Cata. That includes the Mirror of Broken images.

Well that's my QQ on my terrible loot luck. Cya next time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

H Spine Dead

Last week we killed H Spine. It was an amazing fight that ended in the best way possible. The Blood of Deathwing didn't disappear of the people parachuting down. It exploded. Everyone died except for a shaman who didn't have their cinematics disabled. As fun as it was I was not in for the kill. GG Blizz what happened to bring the player not the class. I guess that doesn't really apply when you only have 20 sec to hit something and a class that needs up to half of that to set anything up.

So now I wait for more nerfs so that the guild can carry my terrible warlock but through this fight. Sigh. At least I'm useful on H Madness. Right?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Heroic Blackhorn

So we killed Heroic Blackhorn on Wednesday. I wasn't in the kill but that's mostly just because it was my turn to sit when the kill actually happened. Overall I really don't like this fight and I'm not sure why. This fight consistently has multiple targets which plays really well with Affliction. I don't know maybe I'm just not a fan of bosses that rely on adds for the hard part of the fight then really don't do much themselves. I mean what would the Twilight's Hammer think if one of their best people was never even on the battlefield for most of a group's wipes?