Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Server First

As a quick follow up to what I'm up to I'm planning to go for at minimum server first lvl 90 Warlock in MoP. If I get server first lvl 90 in the process so be it. While MoP is still a ways away I'm already in the planning stages for this. To start I copied my lock 5 times onto the beta and I plan to copy more when/if they become available. Right now I'm just doing the quests as each spec to get a feel for them and find ones that will be trip ups and to find the fastest spec. My current plans are to hold my other 2 copies for shortly before (~1month) MoP launches. These 2 will be used for straight 85-90 practice runs to see how fast I can do it.

Later plans will include flipping my sleep schedule to be awake a night and doing a bit of research into foods that I can prepare in advance that will give me energy.

I also plan to stream it when it happens so that should be fun.

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