Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Server First

As a quick follow up to what I'm up to I'm planning to go for at minimum server first lvl 90 Warlock in MoP. If I get server first lvl 90 in the process so be it. While MoP is still a ways away I'm already in the planning stages for this. To start I copied my lock 5 times onto the beta and I plan to copy more when/if they become available. Right now I'm just doing the quests as each spec to get a feel for them and find ones that will be trip ups and to find the fastest spec. My current plans are to hold my other 2 copies for shortly before (~1month) MoP launches. These 2 will be used for straight 85-90 practice runs to see how fast I can do it.

Later plans will include flipping my sleep schedule to be awake a night and doing a bit of research into foods that I can prepare in advance that will give me energy.

I also plan to stream it when it happens so that should be fun.

We Killed Madness...2 Weeks Ago

It has been forever since I posted but in short we killed H Madness a few weeks ago. I got into the MoP beta so I've been playing that. Right now I'm working on my bucket list for Cata. This is pretty much achieves, pets, mounts, gold sinks, and stuff like that including stuff from Wrath I don't have yet.